Concrete Resurfacing

Who Offers Concrete Resurfacing Services in Grand Island, NY?

Who Offers Concrete Resurfacing Services in Grand Island, NY?

Depend on us to apply a stunning concrete resurfacing

Applying Concrete Resurfacing can be tricky if you've never done it before. Instead of attempting a DIY project, turn to the pros at Poxycrete for top-notch concrete resurfacing in Grand Island, NY. Our crew has the equipment and expertise required to apply a gorgeous concrete coating on any substrate material.

If you need concrete resurfacing services, contact us today.

Learn the do's and don'ts of concrete resurfacing

If it's your first time working with concrete, you'll have a lot to learn before you try doing a DIY concrete resurfacing project. Consider these tips before applying concrete to your floors or countertops:

  • Do plan your project - don't skip the research process if you want to avoid unnecessary stress and save time
  • Do measure twice - don't run out of product because you forgot to measure the vertical surfaces, too
  • Do mask everything - don't accidentally cover parts of your floor, cabinet or backsplash in concrete

Want an easier way to get an concrete floor coating or custom island countertop in Grand Island, NY? Let our experts complete the job for you. Call 716-228-2727 now to schedule an appointment.